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Telling Your Story – A summer workshop

The urge to create story rises up along many paths through your creative mind. A picture, a scent, a name, or a feeling might invoke the sense of story. Some people can capture the essence quickly and jot down the … Continue reading

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Silence in the face of Life…

My recently published novel is dedicated to my sister, who passed sixteen years ago today. In a sense, it’s a tale of love in search of itself, a particular conversation we fell into all the days of our shared life. … Continue reading

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Writing Family: A favorite uncle

Family stories grow out of what we remember about the characters and relationships of our families, or from stories passed down from earlier generations. When we write about our families, we are writing about characters who have loomed large in … Continue reading

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Your Writing Voice-Uniquely You

Your unique voice comes from the well of memory, a lifetime of feelings and experiences accumulated over a lifetime. Gems of experience forged deep in the subconscious, are small cocoons of thought wrapped in sensory data and bound by emotion, unknown … Continue reading

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Writing Workshop Fun

Recently I had the privilege of leading a writing workshop for a language arts class in  middle school. Being a night owl of sorts, I was not looking forward to the 7:30 am duty call. But the laughter, chatter and … Continue reading

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Why I Like Writing Workshops

I believe in the power of words and in building my own power with just the right word. I work to find the right word for each idea I want to communicate. This is very important in a poem, It … Continue reading

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I’ve had a little break from novel-wrestling, but it’s been three years. Time to get back to the mill. I’ve expanded my interests to writing essays, playing French horn in the local orchestra, and other random stuff. Hope to intrigue … Continue reading

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