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Dottie’s Attic

My mom, Dot Mudd, died on August 27 in Santa Clara, California, at the age of 89. A month before, she had retired from her day job manaGing a 24 unit apartment complex in Sunnyvale. With the departure from that … Continue reading

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Traveling in Hunting Season

Greetings from Huntington! Traveling through the American South these two weeks reminds me of our last trip to these parts four years ago. Then, during the 2008 election, feelings ran high for either side as we visited our family and … Continue reading

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Observe and Write

At nineteen I acquired my first full time job at the local dog pound. My  day jobs ran the gamut from fielding complaints of little old ladies about dog packages ruining their lawns to, in my last full time work, … Continue reading

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On Writing

In her book, The Writer’s Workout, writing coach Christina Katz directs her readers to write until “not writing makes you anxious.” I know what she means. Two years ago—well past the date I was to be done with post-graduate school—I … Continue reading

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