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Silence in the face of Life…

My recently published novel is dedicated to my sister, who passed sixteen years ago today. In a sense, it’s a tale of love in search of itself, a particular conversation we fell into all the days of our shared life. … Continue reading

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Why I Like Writing Workshops

I believe in the power of words and in building my own power with just the right word. I work to find the right word for each idea I want to communicate. This is very important in a poem, It … Continue reading

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Traveling in Hunting Season

Greetings from Huntington! Traveling through the American South these two weeks reminds me of our last trip to these parts four years ago. Then, during the 2008 election, feelings ran high for either side as we visited our family and … Continue reading

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Observe and Write

At nineteen I acquired my first full time job at the local dog pound. My  day jobs ran the gamut from fielding complaints of little old ladies about dog packages ruining their lawns to, in my last full time work, … Continue reading

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