Why I Like Writing Workshops

I believe in the power of words and in building my own power with just the right word. I work to find the right word for each idea I want to communicate. This is very important in a poem, It is also important in writing stories, essays and letters, any vehicle you use to communicate to others.

Private writing (not meant for others), such as my journal, is just for me. I am allowed to write anything I want, to explore possibilities, to ask myself hard questions of who I am and who I want to be. Private writing is not for others’ eyes. When I am done exploring my own truths and have made some decisions I want to share, then I write a personal essay, a memoir snapshot, a poem or a story. These are the writings that I share with others.

Not everyone wants to share with others and that is okay. We are all valuable players in this thing called life. We pursue our own dreams. We define our own goals. We get to say what is right for us and what is not. As young people we are under the jurisdiction of others who may not agree that we own our own truths. We must respect authority, and adapt our behaviors in order to move beyond the restrictions of ineexperience. Adaption is often tough. This line between who we are and who they want us to be establishes a base level of conflict in our lives. It will always be there. Luckily, conflict and its close cousin, contradiction, are the stuff of great writing.

Expand your world.

Expand your world.

We can question our lives through thought, reflection, meditation and playing out roles with others. Working through conflict offers the best return on our investment for creating these private writings. Boldly we select those words to grasp our feelings, and explore alternating realities in flights of fancy. From the imagination, poems burst with thunder, stories unwind to justice or to greater love, and essays swirl around misty topics until our truth unfolds to the light. Truth, then, is the great promise of all this writing.

Today we write in order to peck at the edges of our own truths.

Buckle up, now!  Take the ride of your lifetime!

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