Writing Workshop Fun

Recently I had the privilege of leading a writing workshop for a language arts class in  middle school. Being a night owl of sorts, I was not looking forward to the 7:30 am duty call. But the laughter, chatter and scurrying footsteps filled the silence like a cheerful Mozart sonata. A little nervous, I offered the first writing exercise, wondering how it would be received by the attentive and respectful students. Using their own favorite topics, each created a list of ten words which would form the core of the workshop. The list expanded into ideas from which they could build a poem, write a story, and form a personal essay. The group was congenial and ready to play with their words in many ways.  It was a great day.

You can try your hand at a writing on Saturday November 5 on Whidbey Island at Madrona Writers Workshop.

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