Telling Your Story – A summer workshop

The urge to create story rises up along many paths through your creative mind. A picture, a scent, a name, or a feeling might invoke the sense of story. Some people can capture the essence quickly and jot down the first draft in a few hours or days. But more often, the story dances around your desire, eluding your focus, every time you try to write it on the page. You may be new to the practice of story. You may be stuck in a sea of choices not knowing which path will take your character to a just finish.

In this two-day workshop, you will write a series of exercises to build the basic elements of story structure. Day one will explore character, setting and conflict as they provoke tension in order to create conflict and disorder. Using the discoveries of these 5-6 writings you will discover the elements of your plot and build a working plot outline. Day two will explore the plot points as they drive characters forward, from the first scene through crisis to resolution. Theme will be worked on last, offering the pillars of beginning (hook) and ending, to unify the writings into a cohesive story.

2018 Summer Workshop in Langley, WA
at Silly Dog Studios
  August 17 and 18  (Friday and Saturday)

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