A new year at last!

In 2017 I decided to have the quirks fixed in my old German horn, built between the wars. In 1965 when I no longer qualified for use of the school provided horns, I bought one for $350–my car cost $300–and my dad co-signed the loan. I was working at the county humane society for $1 an hour as girl-friday in the satellite shelter by the tanning company. [TMI, sorry, I digress.]

2018 was long, dragging slowly, overfilled with distracting activities that I filled my calendar with while I awaited my new horn from Germany via New York .

Nothing was right with that horn except for its beautiful German tone. I had it repaired, remodeled, redone to exhaustion–mainly Ben’s exhaustion. Finally he said to me, “Get a new horn.” The Northwest Horn Society was holding its consortium in Tacoma. I went, tried out a dozen or so new and used horns. Zeroed in on the German sound, then down-selected to the class with small handprints (horn players seem to have large hands!). And ended up with a perfect 10-for-me instrument. Only drawback I wasn’t buying the demo. The horn had to be ordered from Germany. I’d have it in three to four months, which then expanded to 6 months.

New French Horn

Our orchestra season ended and I piled on my schedule with workshops to sponser, mini vacations, starting a new novel, and joining a writing group as well as Toastmasters–all skills I had been planning to build in 2018. The time allotted to breaking in a new horn evaporated till the week our fall season began. And hanging over my head all this time was the knowledge of our two week vacation to the East in October for visiting the colors.

We plowed through the last quarter of the year with three library functions, our big trip to Cape Cod and New Hampshire, and then the invite to Hillsdale High School 55th year reunion, which I could not miss. By the holidays I was exhausted. But I had already set up a workshop for January.

I sadly need to publish this catch-up in order to move on with our 2019 projects. I am looking forward to backing off the distractions and focusing on my new book, a few workshops on craft and much horn playing. And keeping Ed and I both healthy and well!

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