Traveling in Hunting Season

Greetings from Huntington!

Traveling through the American South these two weeks reminds me of our last trip to these parts four years ago. Then, during the 2008 election, feelings ran high for either side as we visited our family and friends through Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Everyone had a strong opinion, yet there was little evidence of the landslide that would end the election season.

Four years later, we find our family and friends in a different mood. Few are polarizing their personal views from Virginia to Florida, some are even turned off to the politicking altogether. The strongest partisanship comes from the televised conventions and the opinionated “journalists” tossing objectivity to the wind and roiling with red and blue hate conjured up by paid ads and party insiders.

I trust PBS to keep things as even as possible, because even where personal bias might appear it is immediately countered with personal bias on the opposite team.

Still it would be nice if we all just got along and pulled the country forward like a well trained team of oxen.

That’s as political as I get.

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  1. Kasi says:

    I love the title of this post. And I love your final statement. Can’t we all just get along? Hear! Hear!

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