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My mom, Dot Mudd, died on August 27 in Santa Clara, California, at the age of 89. A month before, she had retired from her day job manaGing a 24 unit apartment complex in Sunnyvale. With the departure from that job, she lost her home of 30 years, a 2 bedroom townhouse that was filled to the brim with memories and “stuff” she collected to support her varied hobbies.  My husband and I rented a trailer to haul as much of her life as we could back to our home on Whidbey Island.

The journey through Mom’s life has proven to be a treasure trove, not only of our family’s memories, but of many people whose lives she had graced over the years. As I sift through things known and unknown to me, stories emerge of a beautiful soul who lived by herself, but never alone, of one who guided others to discover their inner joys, and one who rarely compromised with life. She lived on her own terms till the end.

One of Mom’s favorite activites was innovative cooking and many times we would explore the culinary dens of the San Francisco and the Peninsula to find new offerings. One favorite was, the French bistro, St. Tropez on Clement Street which served up a delicious green delicacy, a soup made with spinach and pears. My own composition of the recipe is found below. Probably not the same but a close copy and such a good way to eat those greens.

Spinach and Pear Soup

2 cups chicken broth
10 oz. fresh spinach
4-5 ripe pears
1/4 to 1/2 tsp nutmeg
salt to taste
OPTIONAL: 1/2 c. light cream

SAUTE spinach in 1/2 chicken broth till wilted thoroughly. Pulverize spinach and broth to consistency of soup.|
SAUTE pears in rest of stock until fruit is pulpy (skins will begin to tear). Discard core and seeds, then pulverize in food blender until the consistency of apple sauce. I leave the skins on the pears for fiber; they will pulverize easily as well.
BLEND the spinach and pear mixtures with salt and nutmeg in a soup pot and cook on low for 20 minutes to amalgamate flavors.

OPTIONAL ELEGANCE: Add 1/2 c. light cream and heat just before serving

Bon apetit!


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